the most terrifying story

     Namae no nai kaibutsu
(Monster without a name)

Once upon a time, in a land far away, there lived a 
nameless monster. The monster was dying to have a name, so the monster set out on a journey to find one. But the world was a very large place. The monster split into two and went on their way. One monster went East. One went to the West.
 The monster who went to the East found a village. At the village's entrance there lived a blacksmith."Mr.Blacksmith, give me your name" said the monster. "I can't give you my name" the blacksmith replied. "In return for giving me your name, I'll go inside of you and make you strong." "Really? If you make me strong, I'll give you my name." The monster went inside the blacksmith.
Thus, the monster became, Otto the blacksmith. Otto the blacksmith was the strongest man in the village. But then one day... "Look at me, look at me. The monster inside me is getting so big." He said. Munch-munch, chomp-chomp, gobble-gobble, gulp.The hungry monster ate Otto from the inside out. Once again, he was a monster without a name.

 When he went inside Hans the shoemaker, however... Munch-munch, chomp-chomp, gobble-gobble, gulp. When he went inside Thomas the hunter, but... Munch-munch, chomp-chomp, gobble-gobble, gulp.
The monster was nameless once again. The monster went to a castle to find a nice name. Inside the castle lived a sick boy. "If you give me your name, I'll make you strong." "If you can heal my illness and make me strong. I'll give you my name." The monster went inside the boy. The boy became full of vigor. The king was overjoyed. "The prince is healthy. The prince is healthy." The monster liked the boy's name. He also liked living in the castle. So he restrained himself even though he was hungry. Day after day, he would be terribly hungry, but he restrained himself. But the hunger became just too great. "Look at me. Look at me. The monster inside me has gotten this big," said the boy. The boy devoured the king and and all his servants.Munch-munch, chomp-chomp, gobble-gobble, gulp.

      Everyone was gone, so the boy went on a journey. He walked for days and days. One day, the boy came upon the monster who had gone west. "I have a name. It's a wonderful name." Said the boy. The monster who went west replied. "I don't need a name. I'm perfectly happy without one, after all, that's what we are--nameless monsters." The boy ate up the monster who went west. At last he had found a name, but there was no longer anyone around to call him by it.
Such a shame, because Johan was such a wonderful name.

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